Want to Build Your Client Base? Get Started with These 3 Things First

A lot of my friends couldn’t wait to start their own businesses.

The first thing they did was quit their jobs, then quickly spread the word around about their new ventures hoping to land their first clients and more, only to realise they don’t know what they are doing.

Some of them paid thousands to build a website to learn that nobody cares enough to visit.

Some promoted their businesses on social media to realise that people are more interested to see posts with their own faces.

Not that it’s wrong, just that for most of them, getting started randomly got them moving in circles down the road, from being excited in the beginning, to being burned out, broke and not feeling appreciated.

Unlike these people, you can control your way to build your client base and grow a successful business.

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Ready to Start Your Business for Real?

Get started with my workbook, “3 Steps to Starting a Successful Business” to first connect with your inner self before knowing what kind of clients you want to work with and pay what you deserve.

1. Start with the Problem, Not the Solution

Nobody will ever pay you to solve your problems… but they’ll line up
if you can solve theirs. — Remit Sethi

A lot of people, myself included tend to fall in love with their own business ideas and think they will change the world.

The business ended up being a problem.

Building a client base is easy if you have a problem worth solving.

What is the problem you are solving? Is it profitable so that you can sustain?

Chances are there is someone else doing the same thing as you are, so why do you need to offer a similar solution?

Is it because you hate your job?

Is it to bring you more freedom?

Are you filling an unmet need?

Is there a problem so big that many people are frantically looking for a solution?

If it’s something you want to solve, then why?

What is your competition doing?

What are you doing that differentiates yourself from them?

How do you know if you are helping your client?

How do you know they need help?

2. Decide who you want to work with

There are all kinds of people in this world.

I’m sure you wish to work with people you have some chemistry with.

You will want to work with people who’s values align with yours.

For example, in my case, my business helps business coaches with graphic design services. There are many coaches who need graphic design services, but I choose to only work with those who understand how design can impact their businesses, not just to make them look good.

You decide who you want to work with, by looking back at what is the problem you are solving.

You want to make sure you solve the client’s problems with the least time spent with the least cost possible producing the maximum result you can give.

You are not compromising the quality.

You are simply doing the best with what you have.

To do that, you need to find a group or niche of people who are very much in common and you will serve that group only until you’ve covered enough to move on to the next group.

You need to prioritise the group you wish to serve and leave the rest out. Otherwise, you are not serving anyone.

For example, if you are a yoga teacher and realise many pregnant ladies are afraid of a difficult delivery, you may provide classes that are gentle and safe for them to strengthen their core muscles for delivery.

They will not go to the normal yoga classes, but will go for yours as it caters to them.

3. It’s all about generosity

The World gives to the givers and takes from the takers. — Joe Polish

I also used to think that starting a business is about getting more money. Truth is, it’s all about giving.

You start by giving something to someone for free.

When I started way back in 2005, I designed posters for retail stores for free. Why? This builds the trust between us.

If they don’t know me, why will they work with me?

They wanted to know if I’m reliable. They wanted to know their time working with me is well-spent with great results to show.

Starting out for free opens the first door to getting myself known for someone who can solve their problem.

Giveaway free things to get your foot in the door

Illustration by Ouch.pics


After that, it’s up to me to deliver the results. If they are delighted, there’s a chance they will recommend me to someone else.

Meanwhile, I have a success story to tell. You can call it testimonial, case study or portfolio to share in public.

I used to think that marketing is about promoting myself.

Truth is, it’s all about building relationships with people and giving my time to help them gain the results they want.

Marketing is all about gaining trust by listening to others and fulfilling their needs before yours.

You have to find these people, because in the beginning, they do not know you exist to come running to you for help.

How do you find people to give away free things?

Back to the example of you as a yoga teacher for pregnant ladies, you may wish to start by giving away free yoga tryout coupons at fairs for pregnant ladies, or hospitals and women clinics.

Be prepared you may not have a crowd joining your classes.

Start with whatever you have, no shame with the numbers because you are helping them overcome their problem.

Ready to Start Your Business for Real?

Get started with my workbook, “3 Steps to Starting a Successful Business” to first connect with your inner self before knowing what kind of clients you want to work with and pay what you deserve.

What are you doing to build your client base? 

Are you reserving at least one hour a day to work on this?

What have you learned?

Leave a comment of your own experience so your actions can inspire other readers like you.

3 Steps to Starting a Successful Business

Use this workbook to first connect with your inner self before knowing what kind of clients you want to work with and get paid what you deserve.

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