Jun 10, 2020

What I’m Doing Now To Grow My Unlimited Graphic Design Company MeetAnders

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Here’s my one plan to reach out more, serve more people and find more jobs for designers worldwide

I stumbled upon graphic design when I got involved in committee work for my University’s Sports Club. Those days it wasn’t about doing well in school. I’ve always wanted to be recognised for the work I did.

After graduation, working full-time for others never lasted for more than a year. I quickly started as a freelance designer when I was 23 years old.

At that age, it wasn’t about recognition anymore. It was all about income, finding as many clients as I can to fund my hobbies, travelling and entertainment.

Fast forward to today, I learned it’s not about earning income to make a living, but creating assets to support my life and help others at the same time.

This quickly became the reason why my company exists, and my team is doing what we can to keep growing it month on month.

If you are also working to grow your business, I truly hope this documentation helps spark some ideas for you. Here’s our current process:

Working in public

Getting the word out is tough for me. I’m an introvert, more tired than anyone after attending any social events. Hence, it’s never my nature to do well in sales and marketing or promote my own stuff.

In other words, I’d rather die than go to my friends and family to ask for support and buy what I’m selling.

I’ve been struggling with this for years. As a CEO, that’s not what the team will want to hear, because, that’s the responsibility of a CEO is to promote the business and get more people to buy from us. Nobody likes to work in a company that’s not growing.

I figured I needed to do something to grow the business. Growing this business serves two big purposes:

  1. To help businesses with a better design team with one flat rate per month or per year
  2. To create jobs to millions of designers worldwide and improve their lives

Stepping out of my comfort zone is the next best step and I tried for a few years. It’s helped build stronger “connecting with people” muscles and I’ve forged so many awesome relationships along the way.

This year, besides talking to more people, I’ve also blocked time everyday to show the process of what I’m doing both with my clients and on LinkedIn.

I simply do a daily post of any update I have be it about my personal thoughts on my business, team, finances and more.

Here’s an example I posted recently:

How to find and hire awesome remote employees
See exact post here.

This is not the only post. I’ve talked about other things like how we work and what we do to serve customers best in my other posts.

Working in public is not so much of winning sales and making the next transaction. Here are some things it has helped me with:

  1. It helps clarify my mind to make better decisions as I put down the processes
  2. Helps me gather real-time comments to have a feel of what people are thinking
  3. Gives my network an update of what is coming, like a movie trailer creating a build up before the movie is aired
  4. Better acceptance of the work and service I’m providing since I’m doing what my network wants
  5. Helping my network to work more effectively as they learn from what I put out

This year is my first year of working in public and it’s going well on LinkedIn. I will soon be expanding to Twitter by repurposing my LinkedIn posts.

Will keep you updated on that 🙂