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Mar 5, 2021

Podcast 11: One Thing That Works For Me In Getting More Leads

Podcast 01 on what you can learn from the design startup show

Episode Transcript:

Hey, design starters. I just want to share with you today on something that I have been trying, and it has been working out for me in terms of generating and getting more leads. So I know this is possibly the kind of thing that most people are. Most of these business owners will want to know, which is how do you kind of generate leads like.

You know, automatic without having to always do a bunch of like outreach or any, you know, any form of thing that is so called work. Isn’t it like you want it to just come to you a little bit, like a kind of a referral system, but something more organically so that you don’t have to really do too much, right.

Well, this is what many people even everyone wants. And that’s what I have been looking for as well. But it all starts with some work. So I was trying this bunch of things like, um, Reach like marketing activities where I produce lots of design tips so that, uh, people, people who, who from usually I work with will, will get some notice, notice and, and know what I’m doing with the work that I do.

And to know that I can help them with such design service. So that’s the main aim of this marketing activities. So what I do with all these. Whether it’s outreach and marketing activities. I do a lot in LinkedIn and the past week I did something that really went trending. I wouldn’t say it was viral, but it caught a lot of attention because I mentioned Elon Musk.

I mentioned HP. I mentioned Apple and I was trying to kind of get them, get the landing pages to kind of. Kind of have this wall with each other on their designs. So you can have a, have a, you know, have a look at it and I’ll put it in the show notes and you can, um, you can click the link and check that out.

So that, that is what I was trying to do. And it did get quite a lot of attention and, uh, With that attention. I got quite a number of weeks as well because people start to tell me, Hey, you know, I really love that Posey did a, I love Apple and, and you know, uh, something can be done with HP’s landing, page design, things like that.

And they, they are wondering if I can help them with the, our landing page designs and that’s spurred a lot of, um, reactions and. People started connecting with me. So, so that helped. That’s it. I’m not saying that this is something that works well for me. So this is a twist. Yeah. It worked in a way where I, yes, I got notice and I caught some attention, but you know, when these people came to me, they may not be people who.

Uh, I’m ready to buy, or even people whom we, you know, they are off our target audience or ideal audience. They may be not, they may not be right. So, so what I’m trying to say is that is not something that may work. You know, even if you’re posting go viral, you you’re putting tons of content out there that may not lead to lead properly.

Jen. So what, what really well, for me in, in the end that I realized isn’t so much of these activities, but more of truly understanding your audience, right. To the core of, of what you’re offering and what they want is it’s, it’s not so much of knowing your audience. Life, you know, you, you, you don’t have to, I find that you don’t really necessarily need to know, um, whether they love dogs, cats, and what food they eat, because, you know, if let’s say you are doing something like what I’m doing, uh, I, I do unlimited graphic design.

So this is. I don’t, I don’t have to know what my client’s personal life is like. It’s good to know. I mean, they, they may appreciate that, that, um, I do think of them and, uh, careful what the like, but, but what I mean by knowing to the core of what they want is in terms of what they do in their business and on their business.

Right. So I know they want to grow their business. I know they are having some pain points and problems in, in terms of hiring designers. I know the, uh, facing and experiencing different, you know, um, challenges when it comes to getting the right designs from designers on the daily basis. So knowing that.

Uh, understanding this, this, this one that they have, that leads me to understand where I can go to find them. So what, let me to find my core audience is, is this understanding. And then what I did was I went to look for groups like Slack groups, like general groups and Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and in groups with.

Some form of activities going on. So they must be active in and they must be kind of contributing because when they contribute, you are able to kind of come up with ideas. You are able to come up with a way to, to, um, kind of communicate with them. And that’s how they get to know you. So, so with my, with my, uh, linked impose, that goes trending.

The impact is great when it comes to being noticed, I guess this helps with the long-term attention and people may kind of have an impression already about me and my posts, but when it comes to lead generation, you want the right leads. So one thing that works for me is this understanding and then going to the groups, because these groups.

Uh, half people whom uh, my idea leads and, and people, I know they go up there for this common, common solution to a common problem. They want the same solution. They want to look for a network of designers. Let’s say, you know, who can do simple stuff, or they, they want to go to this, this group with the. The people of great minds to help with their work.

So for example, as a designer, you may be helping marketers very obvious because marketers need designers and then you need to ask yourself not what kind of designers or what kind of design these marketers are looking for right now. You don’t look at that first. You look at. So what, what are these marketers trying to work towards?

Why are they a marketing managers? Why the head of marketing? Why are they marketing directors? Are they trying to work their way to become a CMO? Are they trying to work their way to become a. The head off of the region, you know, things like that, like odd kids. So if that is the co climbing up the corporate ladder, then, then how about revenue making?

Are they trying to grow the revenue of the company? Are they trying to increase sales? Are they trying to, to just want to generate more, uh, interesting, inspirational and educational marketing materials and they want to learn how to do that. Uh, I mean, there are different possibilities, right? So, so you have to pick on one, which is what they want for me.

I picked on them wanting to really, um, Really, it should bring that level to the next level. Right, right now they’re at a certain level. Let’s say that they know so much about marketing and, and filling up the sales pipeline. They may want the go to the next level and be more educated in improving that sales pipeline, filling up this one, and then they want to keep filling up.

Right. And, and, and. Keep that going and then what is next for them? So they want to grow that and learn more. So if they want to learn more, they want to join a group with people who are up higher level than them. Right? So then you want to join a group of other directors of marketing, for example, are the CMOs or the companies are the great people from great brands.

So if they are looking for a community with these people, They will look for a group like that. So this is the kind of group I will join as a design service business owner. Okay. Firstly, it’s not so much of earning money from them. It’s great earning money. Yes. But I want to help them. Right. I want to be, be, um, visible to them so that they know that I exist.

So I’d have to be there and there would be, there may be times when you ask. Hey, do you do, does anybody here know of anyone who can just design some collaterals for me? I have a campaign coming up. That’s when you can come in, right? Because they’re asking for it. But, but besides that, you can also contribute in other ways, like for me, I can contribute in a way of how I, how I produce content on LinkedIn, how I get more connections on LinkedIn.

This has nothing to do with my service, but I’m just helping as a person, as someone who can help them grow further. Right. So, so this is my take on something that worked for me so far, and I hope this helps you as well. So yeah, that’s all for today and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.