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Mar 6, 2021

Podcast 12: Getting Serious On Linkedin

Podcast 01 on what you can learn from the design startup show

Episode Transcript:

Hey design starters. Today, I’m just going to talk a little bit about what I’m doing on LinkedIn and getting really serious using LinkedIn as a platform to work in public. So it doesn’t really matter what platform you use, but it also matters. You see, platforms, platforms are like tools. Platforms are like.

This separate help to give your content, your knowledge, whatever the, you know, your skills, whatever you want to show to others, right? Platforms already have probably a certain audience, uh, platforms probably have some people already kind of interacting with that platform. And you are using that, like leveraging to get your stuff out there.

So that could be a way of using platforms. So that is something useful and helpful to your business, to your social life, to your personal endeavors and anything that you want to put out to the public. Isn’t it. So that is, you know, How useful it is. So it matters in a way, but it doesn’t matter in a way also because it’s just for you to leverage.

It’s not the fundamental, it’s not something that if you don’t have, you can survive or con kind of get your word out there. There are people who don’t have, um, a solid following in any social media. But they’re able to get there without it and still be very successful. It’s just that, because there is this social media, there is this channel and where there is a wave of people going there.

It helps you get some eyeballs. Isn’t it. So what I’m trying to say is to have this understanding that LinkedIn, although I’m trying to use it and getting serious on it, Does not mean that using that is the main thing that will help me be successful in future so that, you know, this is clear even for yourself, if you are choosing a channel to promote your work.

So when I am using LinkedIn, I am yes. Promoting my work. But I’m not being salesy. I’m not being spammy. I’m not trying to sell my services. So that’s key as well. And when I get serious on LinkedIn, what I’m trying to do now is to put out all that I understand about my niche or their understand about my expertise to people who want to learn them, not necessarily to apply, but to learn and also to make use off.

What I put out. So I want, this is called, this is called value content. This is called because I always wonder what is value content and what do you mean by providing content? That’s valuable, right? Everything can be valuable, but what is it? What is useful to people you want to work with? What is useful to people?

You are selling a services to rather than straight selling. Yeah. So I’m using LinkedIn in this way. And since 2018, pretty much 2019, I’ve been posting articles, posting anything like text messages, text polls, I should say image polls, um, PDF polls document on LinkedIn every single day. Then after that, I went down to three times a day, sometimes two times a day.

Well, just to test things out. And I think that a daily post would be best. So I didn’t have this streak in me where I would really want it to just post straight up Monday to Sunday, you know, like really everyday and not missing a day. So I haven’t got to that yet, but I will be putting in. Sometime where I will bet my content.

So say for example, Fridays will be a good day where I just turn off all the content for the next week. Right? So I have a full batch of content from Mondays to Sundays the next week and the next week when the next week comes. I would just pause every day and then Friday again, when it comes again, I will create alternate the next content, right.

The content for the next week again. And this continues. So this is my plan. And then when it comes to content creation and what kind of content to create while LinkedIn is because it really depends on who goes there. So for me is LinkedIn people go to LinkedIn of business. Ready? No, they’re not spammy radio or salesy ready, meaning you don’t just go there to pitch straight away without knowing them.

That’s just basic rule that you don’t it’s human nature, you know, where people will be feeling. Kind of, um, puts off if you do that once, just that single day when you meet them. Right. So that’s not how it works. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to post on LinkedIn, the useful stuff, and then outreach to people and talk to them about asking them what they do.

Where are the areas that you find challenges in, and that’s how we will get to different kinds of conversations throughout weeks and months, right. And days. So they are business radio ready, and when they are business, really. And when I put out something that’s related to their business, not my business, but their business, there is some interest.

Right. And they remember you, if you do that, why not? Facebook, Facebook is also fine yet. It’s also not in the sense that they are not business ready. They are more the Facebook audience I’m already with just the daily daily stuff, which is also fine. Now I can just post it that, but, but, um, we got to be mindful of the time of doing that.

So what I’ll do on Facebook is more off. Just putting up my posts on my Facebook page, but not expecting any much, um, interaction, but I just want to populate it so that I have a bank over there too, to kind of maintain my, my, my kind of my, what am I content is, and, and keep going to put things there and update.

And that’s all I do on Facebook, but for LinkedIn, I’m going in serious where I will have to spend more time there. So other than spend more time on Facebook page or even groups, I will spend more time on LinkedIn to put out the content and, and interact with people for Facebook groups. They are also, some of them are business ready for sure.

But I find that I’m not sure if it’s because of the people who hang out there or maybe they’re more people. And the probability of this is higher is. They’re not very forgiving. And there are many trolls around in Facebook, much more than LinkedIn. I’ve received more tools in Facebook. I have received some trolls in LinkedIn, but really not as much.

A lot of people are very supportive in LinkedIn. And I know the reason why, which is, so this is also platform related where you choose your platform wisely is when it comes to LinkedIn. They make it it’s by design. When you, when you comment on somebody’s post. It will be in your feet as a content it’s like sharing.

So it’s a bit like sharing when you share on Facebook, but you don’t click the share button in LinkedIn. You just have to comment and your, your network will see your we’ll see our CDFI feed, right. And yours may appear with your comments above the posts that you have commented on. So. This is not what is happening in Facebook, right?

Facebook, if you comment, it will stay as a comment in the threats. Uh, although yes, the polls will go up to the top, but it may not seem like it’s your content, right. It’s and it’s not about, it’s not about misleading people or anything. What I’m trying to say is is that there is some, um, It let’s say if you are being a troll, what you’re saying gets out there very clearly.

But if you’re going to say something supportive, people will take it positively and they will think, Oh, this person is the right person to mix with and to connect with. But if you’re a stroll and you put up things that are negative, The people who see, will also feel like, okay, this, this person may not be the one I want to, you know, connect because he, or she may also say such negative things about my posts, right?

So that’s how LinkedIn is design. Then more people be more positive. So I need to start there and, and hands, I started that there in back in 2018, because as I started you, you don’t want to deal with the trolls. Right. You can take the trolls comments positively and turn things around by, by kind of best bonding with, with something that.

Uh, it’s positive is fine, which I’ve always been doing, but it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of mental strain. So LinkedIn becomes that really good platform for me to put out things to the right people and also what we’ve supported people in this sense. And if it’s Facebook and you know, it, I mean, it’s great that they are being honest about the, uh, they are, they are thinking.

Um, but, but, you know, we need to also balance with our time here. Right? So if they are trolls being just been and, and not being honest, then we will know as well. So we wouldn’t want to have them in our lives for now. Yeah. I’m sure there are probably possibly great people and they just happen to be very choosy in their comments.

Also, whatever that we can leave them out for now. If we are still trying to find that platform to focus on. Yeah. So for LinkedIn going for, for three years in this, I’ve been growing my network pretty steadily and well, I have quite a bit of how I know about LinkedIn and maybe, maybe I will be creating a LinkedIn playbook or something like that.

Maybe, maybe you all can call it a LinkedIn growth playbook where you can learn more about how you can. Increase your network connections and even net worth using that platform. So that may help. And, you know, you just, just let me know in the reviews or, or just, you know, kind of send me a message anytime to tell me if that helps.

Right. Um, yeah. Or I may just probably put in a, um, an opt-in. Um, maybe I’ll link in the show notes and you can just go, go there and let me know if that’s something that you may want. Uh, no, I’m just like, you know, thinking open mind, I’m just like, ah, this is just a, you know, I’m just thinking out loud, really here.

So, yeah. So that’s, that’s what I’m thinking of since, uh, I do know quite a bit about LinkedIn by now and how it works and how it can make advantages and beneficial for you to put yourself out there. So, so that’s all, so, um, yeah, I’ll get serious in LinkedIn, work in public. Uh, you can use Instagram. You know, because you know, Instagram pinchers, because it’s all visual.

Um, but it may be a bit too crowded there with, with too much visuals. So yes. So LinkedIn is a place for me for now. And if you’re there, I’ll see you there. So let’s connect and see you tomorrow. Bye.