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Mar 11, 2021

Podcast 17: The Big Secret Project

Podcast 01 on what you can learn from the design startup show

Episode Transcript:

Hey design starters, today is the first day I’m giving a big review on a big secret project that I have been kind of working on with King Lau. So I just want to let you know here first in this episode, and also run through with you, why I’m doing so many things. And how do I keep focused on so many things, right?

So we all know the word focus is to follow one course until success. And this comes from John Lee, Dumas of the entrepreneur on fire. My favorite podcast of the century, because I followed John for five to six years, started. You know, signing up to his program and being in the podcast paradise since five, six years ago.

And focus is the thing that John has always been advocating. I’m sure you guys have always known to be laser focused in order to succeed and that’s not wrong. It’s totally true. I’m not disagreeing on that. But I have been struggling with that by not doing any other thing, but just one thing at all times.

And that is also not something that I grew to agree over the past years, as I am succeeding, growing my design service business. What I’m trying to say is you can do one thing if you want, but you may need to do many sites, site areas or site staff. To compliment this one big area. So what is important is to be able to know and be self aware of what is it that you want in future first and then work backwards with all the many site projects that you are creating too.

What’s that one big thing in 10 years time in 20 years time, and the focus is on all these things, right. Rather than just. When we say focus is to do one thing and not do other things that, that, that is a different mindset already. So when, when you hear gurus or successful people talk about focus, it’s true.

You focus. And, and that is more of setting aside time for that. And, and that’s a previous episode, I think, uh, episode two, two episodes away, or one episode away where I talk about the 80 20 rule. You should use that to keep focused on each item one at a time. But when combining them together, they lead to one big goal and achievement that you, that you are very clear that that’s where you want to go in the number of years, time, or number of months time.

So to give you more context, what I’m trying to tell you is I am doing many things. At, at this point in time, because I want to reach financial independence in less than 10 years time. So five years is my goal of course, 10 years. Is that extension, right? So it means five years. If, if let’s say in five years time, I don’t reach my financial independence.

I’m not just gonna kill myself for that, but it can lead onto the 10 years. But point is, I know where I’m getting at, in those years, right. Towards, towards what I really want and truly want. And in order to do that, I need to grow and scale my design service business, as well as help people to do that as well, because it’s not a zero sum game.

We all win together as a community. And I understand networking where network is your net worth. So I’m building a community at the same time and to, to, in order to do that in order to get. People to know about my design service, to get people to know about the community. I must also network myself. I must outreach.

I’m a screamer marketing activities, impactful activities in order to get people to notice, I must create some form of value and quality projects and work to towards these. Areas that I am building and growing. So you see the one thing is still the design service business and helping my, the designers and my community to get better, right.

To get better in their businesses, but the activities around that other site projects that will lead to this growth. So I’m still, you know, kind of yes. Working and focusing on one thing. But I have other side projects too, to kind of focus on one at a time to lead to that. So I stopped podcast, I’m starting a YouTube channel and it’s awful that purpose and that bigger goal of financial independence.

And at the same time, I also want you guys to get better because I know the pain and I know the struggle of growing and scaling businesses. Because of that I’m been working on this secret project that I, I was trying to introduce you to today. And this project is, uh, is with, with King Lau, uh, th uh, on this virtual summit, which is a free three-day event.

And it’s called be your own boss summit or BYOB for short. So, you know, You know, that I specialize in productizing office for design service business owners. And I mean, at the same time, I recognize that you are, I’ve been around and you want to listen and you want to learn more from me because, because I have been helping you with all these and, and besides all that, that’s also other things that you need to, to learn, to be successful in being self-employed and being a freelancer and being a business owner, especially being a service business owner.

It can be different from product product owners. Yeah. So, so with this partnership with King, this is, this virtual event is to help you to achieve your goals. This virtual event covers many other lessons that you will learn with other expertise to help you be your own successful boss. Right? So this summit is geared towards helping you if you’re just starting out in any service-based businesses.

So if you’re a design freelancer and you, you just want to kind of, um, get this off the ground, get your design design business off the ground. You have probably a few clients. Sometimes they come back to you. Sometimes they don’t, you want to increase your leads. You want to increase your income and you don’t feel like you have all the pieces you need, right.

To make the most often. Amount of impact in what you’re doing, then this is really for you. So you can check out at the BR will be summit, and I’ll just put the link in the show notes. So you just got to get onto and you can find the show notes that the link is there, you know, get in, sign up for it.

And it’s free for you three days events. And you know, if, if you want me to further learn, you want to learn more about this and, uh, And understand more of what this event is all about. You just have to stay tuned to my podcasts, or you can sign up to my newsletter as well. That’s where I will for sure review everything in the weeks to come.

So if you’re curious, you can take a sneak peek at the link in the show notes and find out before everyone else.


FREE 3-Day Virtual Summit: BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)