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Mar 15, 2021

Podcast 21: 4 Steps To Start Scaling Your Service Business

Podcast 01 on what you can learn from the design startup show

Episode Transcript:

Hey design starters. So I know a lot of us would want to scale our design business in a way that we don’t have to always be burned out. We don’t have to always face clients from hell, but we need to do the work. Isn’t it. And we know that without work, we can’t have an income, but I would like to talk more about how we can really actually.

Have, you know, what coming in income, coming in without feeling that burnout without even choosing or even needing it, needing to choose to work in the business. So I know you like to do creative work yet. You also want to scale the business and that is possible. It’s, it’s more of a choice right. To make.

And right now made it maybe most of us don’t have that freedom of choice to say, I don’t wish to work today. I wish somebody can just take over what I’ve been doing. And there are some days when you say, Hey, I feel like working on it. And I just did like being creative. So this is the choices that we want to make and be free to do that.

But right now, many of us don’t have, right? Many of us can say that. And many of us have to wake up to react to our customers or clients, emails and requests. So right now I just want to. Put out and let you know that there are these four steps that you will want to cover to build your freedom business.

And what I mean by this four steps is it, it can, this four steps can help you to scale. And it’s something that is really doable and which I’ve also implemented in my own business. So the first step step one is you need to first product ties. Because you are having a service business because you are doing something that is using your time.

It’s not possible to scale because you only have 25 hours a day and you can’t avoid that. Right. The thing is, you don’t know when that day ends means it’s finite, which means there’s no way you can. Do work for as many clients as you want in a D. And if that’s the case, that’s where we, the skill. But if you productize, you are basically doing something where you are selling like a product, but it’s do a service, but it, it, it’s kind of packaged in a product form.

And that is the first step towards scaling. Really. I mean, knowing that if I’m even telling you the idea, I’m sure you understand how that works. So productize a service by packaging, the offer. So you need to decide that offer and make it like a product similar to assess or software as a service where you decide the solutions, you decide the deliverable deliverables, and you want to only give that to y’all and offer that to your customers.

Step two, because you have already predefined your offer. You set up the systems and processes. Set up these systems set up these processes that are designed to deliver at scale. So even if you have productize, if you don’t create their system and process, you can’t scale as well. You’ve got to document, you’ve got to set up the fixed areas of things that have to be done so that you can pass them on to someone.

If let’s say you aren’t able to work for the day, let’s say you have a team and they want to understand how the deliverables are being, being created. And you have those fixed steps. So you need to show the fixed steps, right? So rather than relying on yourself to fulfill the customer needs with the systems and processes, your business is now like a machine.

Churning out the work for you. So you tell the machine, okay, I set you up like that, you know, in the electronics, you have logic there and it works by steps. If it’s going to be so customized, every process is different than the machine wouldn’t understand. There’s no way you can build that kind of machine, at least in this lifetime.

Right? So that’s that tool. And with your offer with your system and processes, your step three will be to fix your posting. So stop giving different customers, different offers, customized bespoke offers and different pricing. You have a product already, you know, what are the steps to deliver this product?

Now you can set a fixed place for that one package and service. One particular client saving you that time and effort creating individual proposals for different customers. Right? Because if you can do this for one client, And you can do the same for our second client with the same problem, with the same solution, you can serve 1000 clients in a day easily.

You just need probably to hire more, engage more automation, maybe, or get more tools to just cover these fixed areas. And step four is to automate your leads because you want to do marketing. You want to do promotion. You want to service the right customers and one them. Come knocking on your door rather than you trying to convince them to buy, right?

So this is where you create a lead generation system that brings ongoing prospects to you who will benefit from your service repeatedly, repeatedly, meaning they can come back again and again, because you have already designed this in a way where they, they have, you know, that they have repeated problems.

And they just need that same solution every time. So they will come back to you on a recurring basis. You charge them that same fee over and over again. They know that’s the amount of budget for, and they don’t have to, you know, be surprised by a Southern big invoice at the end of the day, but they know they have just have to pay the fixed price and they know they will get the same deliverable at the end of the day.

So these are the four steps and I would just repeat the four steps in shot to start scaling your freedom business, which is number one, step one, productize. Step two, get the systems and processes set up set. Step three, fix the pricing. Step four, automate your leads and promote your offer.