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Mar 18, 2021

Podcast 24: Which Comes First? Marketing Or Product

Podcast 01 on what you can learn from the design startup show

Episode Transcript:

Hey design starters. Today, I would like to talk about which one comes first. Is it marketing or is it your product? I would like to say this thing where it is a big mistake for many of us as designers, especially when we start off alone as a solo freelancer, where we think that if we enjoy what we do, that’s most important and that.

We create and design great and awesome stuff where that’s enough with we, most of us think like that. And after, after so long in this business, I realized that was such a big, big mistake I’ve made for 10 years. So, well, the main thing, when you come up with a business, whether it’s designing, whether it’s art, whether it’s.

Craft, whether it’s content, whether it’s a blog, the most important thing is because it’s a business, you need to have people to see them and buy them. So I would say the product is important in a sense, because if it’s not good, they won’t continue to keep looking. Right. But I would also say that the marketing and sales.

We’ll have to come as early as possible. I wouldn’t say there’s anything that should come first or not. It is great. If you, you can build something and create something first, because without a thing that’s probably nothing to sell. That’s it? You can sell an idea. You can market by putting something out by just talking.

You can write something without even starting to build anything yet. So learning to create, learning to build is an important skill. That one should not kind of have kind of a few that it’s not important or disregard, right? It’s not something you should disregard, but when starting out, it’s important to have a plan when it comes to marketing and promoting.

That business or service that you’re eventually going to do when you’re even a designer. What you’re doing is just simply business is marketing. Everything you do requires marketing and sales. If you want to earn a dollar on money. So in short, I would say to be effective, to be the best marketer you can be.

Because even with the best product in the world with no marketing, you pretty much can survive, but thriving will be hot. So that is how many people don’t feel appreciated. That’s how many designers and artists don’t feel that what they do is important at all, just for themselves and just for themselves to feel good about doing so.

Right. But if you want your business to thrive, you want to be a wealthy designer. You want to grow older with freedom and financial independence, then you shouldn’t wait, but the best you are in marketing, even if design is important, even if the quality of the work is important about say marketing trumps.

The quality first. And then you know that people want that kind of quality. Then you start to put it out. Once you have that skill in marketing and you put out the best product and service, you can start to use the skill in marketing to keep promoting your great, great product or service already. So give yourself that leverage with the best marketing, you can plan it out and strategize who to promote to.