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Mar 19, 2021

Podcast 25: Get Sales Without Selling First

Podcast 01 on what you can learn from the design startup show

Episode Transcript:

Hey design starters. Today, I would like to talk about selling or other, getting in sales to increase and improve your income and to grow your business where you become a wealthy designer. So selling. Is something that many people think you have to go to, someone, ask the person, Hey, would you like to get this?

You know, this is really good for you. And because it gives you this, this, this, this is not selling to me. And when you want to get sales, you really don’t have to just sell. You want to get your product, your service. And your offer in front of the people who already are looking to buy them. You got to remember as a business owner, you need to know, people don’t want to be sold.

People want to be the ones to decide. They, they don’t know what’s going to happen. When they decide, you know, to buy, they don’t know what is leading them to buy, but if something makes them feel good, leading them to it and they eventually buy it it’s because they just decided, so it could be emotional.

It could be impulsive. It could be logical. It could be something that, yes, they know they need it and they purchase it. It could also be something that they just want to have based on many factors. So it’s the kind of feeling that you are giving these people that make them buy. So I would not want to think of sales as selling, but I would like to think of sales as people buying.

You don’t want to force them into buying because in this way they may not be able to feel good about it. They may feel that they’re being forced into it and being imposed to give them your money, give you their money. So when it comes to getting sills to your door, it is not complicated. We have to just simply know that whatever that we put out there, we need to know our customers.

First. We need to know. What they understand us. S w we need to know them so well that we know what to put out there to lead them to buy. It’s not misleading. It’s not manipulative, but it’s bringing them something that, you know, can make life better for them. And that’s it. So, for example, What I’m doing with my design company, meat Anders is that I’ve been putting out a lot of design tips, design examples that convert for people that help marketers convert their campaigns, convert landing pages, convert social media at social media promotions.

And these are design design that. Promo promotion materials for, for us, for me and this, but what we don’t put on the air on the promotion promotion or the posts, we don’t put things like buy us. Now we don’t say you got to get our kind of service and talk so much good stuff about it because obviously we will say good things about ourselves.

And it’s the same for you as a design business, where you will say good things about yourself. But what you want to talk about, which is what we talk about is design principles, best practices that help these marketers to apply to their marketing materials. So what I use for my marketing materials, they can use them to, to help themselves.

And what happens then people take notice, right? You get people, people hooked to your. To your polls, to your publication, to your media. And as you keep going, people will start reaching out to you, which is what happens in my case, where I put out the design examples consistently, regularly, and eventually the people who just sent a message to my, um, social media message box, like LinkedIn, or even Facebook, or even email me.

To tell me that, Hey, I really enjoy your design tips that you put out. So you do this, do you do these kind of graphics? We do this kind of design because we are looking for such a designer and this is an opportunity. And just, you know, that I didn’t sell them anything. I didn’t tell them to buy what I sell.

Right. So there wasn’t any selling. So sales. Does not have to be selling. You can, you can, you can start with being a production company first and people will just buy from you. You don’t have to mention that they need to buy this first. You can mention something that helps them first. Right. And they will eventually.

Just want to get from you and that’s their decision and they are happy with that. You want them to be satisfied and contented with their own actions, because nobody wants to feel regretful. Nobody wants to feel that they are wasting money over something that they didn’t think they needed. You may think that they need your service, but if you were to do the selling first, that will make them feel that they needed it and they may regret.

They may think that they real regret of the buying, although they may, they may feel like they may be, they may be getting at an advantage by buying your service, right. Don’t get me wrong. Your service is great. You have a great business and you will take care of your customers, but that the selling first wouldn’t make them feel this way.

It’s a psychology and nature of human beings. So people overthink. And they wouldn’t want to buy what you’re selling. They would just want to stop and say, Hey, you know, okay, I’ll just think about it. Right. And eventually they don’t buy from you. They may end up buying a design service from somebody else and yes, they still have a design service purchased.

Right. But if you do the other way round first by, by publishing, by giving away. Something that’s entertaining something, that’s educational, something that’s informational, which has nothing to do with them buying. They ended up coming to you instead, right. Because that’s based on their own action that they intend to do.

So selling that’s not comfort. Right. But you can get your sales in. So don’t, don’t have to do the selling first. Selling comes later when they ask you about your offer Desmon, you have to step in with your selling and say, yes, you paid this amount and you get this, this, this, this, and that’s the value that you get.

And then you can explain all that, that part will be the selling part. And they’re already for that really because you have, they have been through a journey with you. They are ready to buy. So guys sell when people are ready to buy. All right. So cell dust, that was, that was that. That is what I’m trying to see.

Okay. So yes, that’s awful today. Talk soon.